Access the world’s largest eCommerce market quickly

Market diversification is more and more important in today’s uncertain world. With Mamabud you can reduce the cost and risk associated with entering the worlds second-largest and fastest-growing market in the world: China.

Learn how easy it can be to start selling directly to China with our free guide.

What we do


Evaluate the market and gather the information needed to develop a China market plan to deliver long-term sustainable business success

Customer Engagement

Build all of the digital assets required to engage with your Chinese target audience including social media, website equivalent, and CRM. In China, the tools for customer engagement are not what you are used to. Click here to find out more.


An e-commerce store is the fastest way to sell directly to Chinese consumers. We build everything with you including payments, logistics, warehousing, packaging, delivery, customer service, in market returns and more. Everything you need to be operational.

Traffic Generation

Using popular Chinese techniques we drive that essential traffic to your store. Interestingly Chinese consumers ask on average 11 questions before they make a purchase. A rich data source for companies entering this market

Continuous Improvement

Essential for this unique market is to adapt to market needs. To maximise your long-term success in China, we use feedback from influencers and customers and refine all aspects of your proposition including pricing, messaging, portfolio and value proposition


As traction is proven and the proposition is refined we develop additional opportunities for you via cross-border and domestic e-commerce as well as traditional channels.